Monday, February 13, 2012

Etsy817 Artist Spotlight - Studio Longoria

I'm excited to be stepping in today to do the artist spotlight so we can feature Stephanie and her shop, Studio Longoria! 

What are your Etsy shop name and link?We are now officially Studio Longoria,

What do you make and sell in this shop?I design and sew dolls and pillows, notebooks, and t-shirts.

Are you known by any other business names? If so, what are they?I have a second shop, XY Factory. In this shop I sell baby, toddler and maternity rock-n-roll t-shirts.

Where else can we find you online or off?Online you can find me at
Offline you can find me at Chick & Chica in Houston, TX.

What inspires you to create your art?
My art is inspired by my culture. I am Latina, born and raised in South Texas. My upbringing and culture play a huge part in my inspiration. My children also greatly influence my work.

When did you start your business and what inspired you to do so?
I started my first business, XY Factory, in 2006, when I was pregnant with my youngest son. I really wanted cooler maternity shirts and t-shirts for my kids.

Have your friends and family supported your dream?
My family and friend have been a huge support. They have been by my side every step of the way. My friends are some of my biggest customers.

What are the positives and negatives about being your own boss?The best thing about being my own boss is being able to determine which projects I’d like to work on. The worst part is having to pull all nighters to get orders out in a timely matter.

Where do you work from?I work from my home studio and I love it. It is the brightest most colorful room in my home. I have photos and artwork all over the walls. It is the perfect environment for creativity.

Have you been using social media to grow your business?I use Facebook to keep in contact with my customers. I like to give them sneak peaks at projects I’m working on.

What's the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?Make sure you pay yourself for the work you are doing.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?A complete stranger come up and hugged me and told me she was proud of me. She was excited to see that I was carrying on cultural traditions with my work. I tear up when I think about that conversation.

What do you like about your work?I love being able to take my drawings and bring them to life as little dolls.

Professionally, what’s your goal?My goal professionally is to have my products in more shops.

What is your favorite product or service that you offer?My favorite product has got to be my Muerto Dolls. I love Dia De Los Muertos, and my dolls really show that.

What is your best-selling item?My best selling item is the La Sirena Loteria Card pillow. I think people love it because it reminds them of playing the game when they were younger.

What’s your favorite color?Hands down it’s got to be Hot Pink!

What superpower would you want to have and why?If I could have any super hero power it would probably have to be the ability to fly. It would be so much fun to be able to fly anywhere anytime. Plus I wouldn’t have to put gas in my car, I really hate having to fill up.

Name something you love, and why.I have an unnatural love for glitter. There is just something about the sparkle glitter adds to things that I absolutely love.

Thanks Stephanie for letting us get to know you better! 


Cheryl said...

Great post... I have a question: Have you been influenced at all by 'The Crafty Chica'?
You know I love your stuff.

Stephanie said...

I love the Crafty Chica! I've been a fan of hers for years :)